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Myanmar Bible Applications for Android

This blog is about android bible apps I published on Google Play Store.

It was December 2012. School was off for one month. I didn't know how to spend holidays. I had an idea to make Bible apps for android.
Where to start? I didn't know. It was failure.

On April 2013, school was off again for one month. I decided to change failure to success. Then I started learning android documentation, Java and made apps at the same time in parallel. I went to Myanmar Bible Society before water splashing festival. I requested Tedim Bible files. They gave and easily permitted me to use the sample files with limited permission.

About Me

My name is Cing Sian Dal (Dalpi). I was born on February 24th 1995 in Pago. Now I am living in Yangon and studying dentistry at University of Dental Medicine - Yangon. 

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