Survey Report: Haiciin Village, Chin State


ForewordIntroductionObjectivesData Input & ProcessingDedicationResultLiving ConditionsVillage CharacteristicsEconomy & Infrastructure Access to FacilitiesAccess to EducationLand & IrrigationForestryMigrationSocio-economic ConditionsCharacteristics of RespondentsInterestsMigrationNews SourceIdeal State LeaderRole of Women in PoliticsAssociation ParticipationDecision-making in Family CultureHealthToiletIncome SourcesFiancial BalanceHome VariablesFirst Need for the VillageEnvironmental MaintainanceVisionPeople or LandVillage Development ConditionCitationCopyright & LicenseDownloadAcitivity Photo Gallery
1. FOREWORD      Research Survey in Haiciin Village, Chin State was implemented by the 2016-2017 Siamsin Executive Committee (SEC) of Zomi Students Association – Universities of Myanmar (commonly known as Zomi Siamsin Kipawlna – Universities of Myanmar).

Tiny Analysis Report: Ethnic Research in Guasing Village, Chin State

Language Option is available in: Tedim (Zolai)
1.    Foreword
2.    Introduction
       2.1. Objectives
       2.2. Data Input & Processing
3.    Dedication
4.    Result
5.    Key findings (Network)
6.    Behind the Research
7.    Citation
8.    Copyright & License
9.    Download

    Ethnic Research Survey in Guasing Village, Chin State was implemented by the 2015-2016 Siamsin Executive Committee (SEC) of Zomi Students Association – Universities of Myanmar (commonly known as Zomi Siamsin Kipawlna – Universities of Myanmar).
     First, Zomi Siamsin Kipawlna – Universities of Myanmar wishes to acknowledge many Zomi students, doctors, dentists, and nurses who participated in “6th Siamsin Medical Trip & 7th Siamsin Summit to Guasing Village” on April 14-18, 2016 and contributed substantially to the success of the survey. Second, we would like to express our gratitude to local authorities of Guasing Village for granting permission to implement the survey in the…

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