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Analysis Report: Ethnic Research in Guasing Village, Chin State

Language Option is available in : Tedim (Zolai) TABLE OF CONTENT 1.    Foreword 2.    Introduction        2.1. Objectives        2.2. Data Input & Processing 3.    Dedication 4.    Result 5.    Key findings (Network) 6.    Behind the Research 7.    Citation 8.    Copyright & License 9.    Download 1. FOREWORD     Ethnic Research Survey in Guasing Village, Chin State was implemented by the 2015-2016 Siamsin Executive Committee (SEC) of Zomi Students Association – Universities of Myanmar (commonly known as Zomi Siamsin Kipawlna – Universities of Myanmar).      First, Zomi Siamsin Kipawlna – Universities of Myanmar wishes to acknowledge many Zomi students, doctors, dentists, and nurses who participated in “6th Siamsin Medical Trip & 7th Siamsin Summit to Guasing Village” on April 14-18, 2016 and contributed substantially to the success of the survey. Second, we would like to express our gratitude to local authorities of Guasing Village for granting perm