Myanmar Bible Applications for Android

This blog is about android bible apps I published on Google Play Store.

It was December 2012. School was off for one month. I didn't know how to spend holidays. I had an idea to make Bible apps for android.
Where to start? I didn't know. It was failure.

On April 2013, school was off again for one month. I decided to change failure to success. Then I started learning android documentation, Java and made apps at the same time in parallel. I went to Myanmar Bible Society before water splashing festival. I requested Tedim Bible files. They gave and easily permitted me to use the sample files with limited permission.

Files were formatted as XML OSFM. To parse it on Android, I needed to learn OSFM Java API. It would take much time for me. Instead, I converted OSFM to SQLite SQL statements by my own PHP script. First, I tested bible app in Tedim language with its own app preferences. Then, when everything is okay, I published it on Google Play Store on May 1 2013. After that day, Wa, Jinghpaw, Burmese, Falam bible apps with its own language except Wa were published within first week of May.
For users' feedback, I created Facebook group and page, Google+ community and page, and Twitter account.
For app language preferences, I asked my friends to help preferences translation. For bible app icon, I chose smile icon instead of cross icon. All icons in the apps were photoshopped with fonts; they weren't drawn from the scratch.

On December 2013, I thought of making a new bible app which includes all languages. One app - all languages. But it was failure because some languages are not published in books yet and not permitted yet and Myanmar Bible Society is still collecting files from bible translators all around Myanmar.

On Feb 2014,I updated Tedim Bible with a new application theme because there were high volume of feedback to update Tedim bible app from email and societies. I published the app on Play Store on Feb 1 2014. And I unsupported Facebook group, Google+ community and deleted Twitter account, Facebook page and  Google+ page because most users feedback via email.

There were many changes in new application. New theme was mostly black and white. All icons in new theme were photoshopped with fonts. Smile app launcher icon was replaced by cross. Daily random verse alarm was added to let users read at least a verse a day. Because of this feature, users may experience a negative verse. Bookmark button was added because in the previous version design, users didn't know how to bookmark. Copy button was also added.

Edit (2020 Jan): There are two kind of copyrights: Application and Biblical Text. The owner of Biblical Texts is The Bible Society of Myanmar. The owner of all Biblical Applications are not mine even though I develop them for the ministry of God. Since 2013, I gave all application copyrights to the Bible Society of Myanmar, meaning that they own both Biblical texts and Applications I made.

Thanks for reading.
Note: This blog will be updated sometimes.